How North East charities use the internet

I came across some research recently that showed how North East charities use the internet that I wanted to share.  The results are nothing suprising, in that generally charities face barriers in lack of skills, time and their target audience not being online. However I wanted to highlight 2 things of note.  54% want help from “someone local who understands our needs” and 53% want “someone experienced in our sector”, going to show that there is still a demand for local, sector-specific support.

So what do they need help with?  64% want help with marketing and promotions, 58% in increasing donations and 54% in information storage. You can read the full report or get a flavour of it from this infographic below, click on the image to enlarge it.

How North East charities use the internet

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    We can help!

    The Community IT Academy is a North East charity that provides IT support to voluntary and community organisations in the region. We are here to help organisations with technology so that they can get on with what they do best – supporting their clients.

    Have a look at our website for more information: